Olayinka S. Folorunso

His lips skinned back in what might have been a grin. Half his teeth were gone, and half of those still left him were broken and splintered. 'Theon,' he repeated. 'My name is Theon. You have to know your name.'
— The Sacrifice, aDwD 62

Web Summit 2016 - The Right, The Wrong and The Disappointing

In late 2015, I managed to win (How? I honestly do not remember) two free tickets to the Web Summit 2016 hosted in Lisbon. I gave the other one to an old friend hoping that we would meet there which we did. The timing of the event was perfect. Berlin’s temperature was falling rapidly and one had almost forgotten what the sun looked or felt like. So November came and I decided to go to Lisbon for four days to witness and be part of the over-40000-attendee multi-conference event called Web Summit. The event took place between 7th November and 10th November 2016 inclusive.

Abomination - Game of Thrones Season 6

Abomination. That had always been Haggon’s favorite word. Abomination, abomination, abomination. To eat of human meat was abomination, to mate as wolf with wolf was abomination, and to seize the body of another man was the worst abomination of all. Haggon was weak, afraid of his own power. He died weeping and alone when I ripped his second life from him. Varamyr had devoured his heart himself. He taught me much and more, and the last thing I learned from him was the taste of human flesh.

Varamyr Sixskins. Prologue, A Dance with Dragons

Chained CompletableFutures - Java 8

Extract from the dumb question I asked on StackOverflow:

So I have a method that returns a CompletableFuture. Before returning, this method adds a block with thenAccept which is executed after the CompletableFuture completes.

The caller of this method also adds another block with thenAccept. Obviously this can go on with multiple chained calls.

In what order are the CompletionStage returned by the thenAccept invocations executed? Is it guaranteed to be the order in which they are added? If not, how can one guarantee that they are executed in the order in which they are added?

Number26 is awesome?

Upon arriving in Berlin, Number26 online banking was a relief. I didn’t have to wait in line for an appointment at some physical bank to open a bank account. I did almost everything online save for my identity verification which I had to complete at a Post Office. But here is the thing, I have always been skeptical with startups which is weird cos every organization was at some point a startup. And so is Number26 right now. But props to them for making the registration process easy and comfortable :+1:

I wasn’t very convinced it was a secure banking system. It was stress-free, minimalistic and convenient but it is also not well established and secure. That last part was more of an intuition and based on my insecurities with startups. I was convinced Number26 wasn’t exactly secure.

0x18 I happen to stumble upon a chapel last night

“Forgive me father for I have sinned. It’s been 24 years since my last confession. I have taken into false gods, put my faith and hopes in men. But men are only men and the gods mock us all.

“I have taken into my own hands the judgement of what is righteous and what is not. I have drawn a vividly sharp line to separate the two. But father, the years go by as I jump from one side of the line to the other and the line grows less vivid, less sharp every time. Now I can no longer see the line. I can no longer tell which side I amm on. I have resolved into judging what is by my ownn earthly and humane feelings. Sometimes, I don’t even try to know which side I’m on. Sometimes, I just am. The line is gone and I have neither the strength nor the will to draw up another.”

Now blogging with Jekyll

Blogging is cool. That may be the reason I’ve decided to take up blogging, again? Might be it is, might be not but blogging is cool. And where else would I put down the damn thoughts in my damn head?

The internet is tricky, more so technology. There are so many blogging platform out there and many of them are shit for me as a programmer and a mathematician. I do have other interests which I will put as hints in many of my blog posts and the quotes.

Insertion Sort: Proof by Induction

Whilst training some minions for the 2015 MCPC and ACPC, I remember constantly bitching about how unwise it is to go ahead with the implementation of an algorithm without having a clear proof of its correctness and halt. Halt definitely comes before correctness. I mean how the living fuck is an algorithm correct if it runs infinitely.

Moving on. I was having a discussion with some colleagues a couple ‘o days ago and we brought up mathematical induction and I made a point about how most iterative and recursive algorithms can be modeled mathematically and proven as such. That discussion escalated and evidently turned into an argument. Insertion sort came up and well, we had to model and prove its halt and correctness mathematically.