Olayinka S. Folorunso

They'll understand. When they see, they'll understand. I just need a little more... time.
— Ultron. Avengers: Age of Ultron

Now blogging with Jekyll

Berlin, Germany - Saturday, Jun 04 2016

Blogging is cool. That may be the reason I’ve decided to take up blogging, again? Might be it is, might be not but blogging is cool. And where else would I put down the damn thoughts in my damn head?

The internet is tricky, more so technology. There are so many blogging platform out there and many of them are shit for me as a programmer and a mathematician. I do have other interests which I will put as hints in many of my blog posts and the quotes.

I started blogging with blogpost about 6 years ago. Then, there was nothing to write about. It seemed everyone has written every possible thing there is to be written so no I wasn’t active. Now I’m fairly convinced that wasn’t the reason. Blogpost was cumbersome, forced a lot of other google products down my throat, heavy and rigid. At the time I had blogspot the excuse of not having something to write about was enough to make me shut the damn thing down. In my defence, I wasn’t a software professional back then. I was just a kid trying to cope with a new language and cuture from the streets of Marrakech.

Then I found Tumblr. It felt like a jackpot at first but later it became just another social network/media like facebook, twitter, etc. Reblog after reblog after reblog. Tumblring was a reblog platform and not just any reblog platform but an image reblog platform. Tumblr made .gif famous and I jumped on the bandwagon and started creating FRIENDS .gif which brought quiete a lot of attention to my blog but it was not enough. I prefer writing with little fuss and attention and Tumblr isn’t text friendly. The editor options are buggy and unstable and the themes are too hipster-like for me. When Yahoo bought in Tumblr, calling it was easier. I miss all the Tumblr friends I made in my three to four active years on Tumblr.

Another reason it was easy to quit Tumblr was school. Yes, I arrived at a point where all I had to do was study and seriously I had zero time for tumblring. I needed to write codes, I wanted to write codes and goddamit I wrote codes and it brought me where I am now. I once ran a geometry blog on tumblr and after multiple attempt to focus on it, I quitted.

Last year after buying my domain name olayinkasf.com from Namecheap, I decided to try tumblr again. I was just about to complete my 6 month masters internship in France and I had extra bucks to dish out. What impressed me with Tumblr was how easy it was to set up a custom domain. But that wasn’t enough, it was still Tumblr and I wasn’t a 16 year old girl.

Speaking of markdown, I joined the Stack Exchange network from Math Stack Exchange before joining Stack Overflow. This was even before joining Tumblr or was it after? I’m not so sure. The point is that the Stack Exchange network taught me that with markdown and MathJax, I can write plain text and get beautiful html content with math rendering and I needed a blog where all I have to do is write readable plain text and render sweet html. I have tried MathJax with Tumblr and the output was pretty nice but the platform still felt invasive. I also tried Tumblr’s markdown editor and after the realization that it doesn’t play well with MathJax, I decided to shut the bastard down.

At the moment, it is pretty clear that what I want to achieve is a blog that gives me the Stack Exchange editing experience. A light weight blog without the pressure of coverage. No follow shit, no subscribe shit. I just want my own little black book. Is that too much to ask?

I thought about creating a blog theme with polymer but even polymer is a heavy web technology and it hasn’t been widely adopted yet and frankly I’m not sure it is a good idea for a blog. Medium also won’t let me have MathJax and then Github saved my life.

Github pages gave me something none of these alternatives couldn’t.

So I have taken the hero step, downloaded and installed jekyll. Configured this little shit you’re reading right now and publish the damn thing.

You can view the source and configuration of my blog here.

I really want to write how to configure jekyll in this post but I’m a lazy shit and frankly I have zero flying fucks to give.